Scenes from a fire

A fireman walking down a road, fire and smoke billowing behind him, an injured fawn in his arms.

Sorrows replenished, luminous fears, egg-shell mornings and blackened days. Time itself jumped with the flames across gullies, trees, homes.

Pictures so terse they can be felt in the hand.

Boundaries, percents, winds, suddenly matter. Maps.

Wild-eyed horses running, photos posted: found, lost, please. A site to reunite those lost with the found.

Welcomed war-zone sounds & sights of helicopters, planes, red dusty smoke fading into black, swung from their buckets above their targets.

Offers: home, food, shelter, trucks . . .

Looters, vandals, police, army, national guard, check points.

Redefining the terms of failure and valor.

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