On the New Front

I’ve returned from a very long AWOL. A sabbatical of sorts wherein I wrote a novel. Yep. That’s right, indeed. I figure that excuses me just about as well as anything can. Two years gone, but I have a great deal to show for it. The Fat Man, a great mystery that you will love. Some folks have already. Now if I can only figure out how to get this blog back in order things will really be happening. Meanwhile, I hope I’ve not driven everyone away. And I hope to pick up a few more visitors.

Right now, present tense, I’m trying to adjust my home page so that the categories across the top are the actual links and the ones along the side can be eliminated. Trying is the operative word here.

Addendum: no luck here. I’ve only gone through three themes before quitting. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to distinguish between the thing and the purpose. Not always a failing, just sometimes.

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