The Novel, The Author

The Fat Man is at and Barnes and Click cover—link to Amazon


About The Book:

The Fat Man is a 1930s novel that takes place in 2015. As the hero, Jake Underman—“Under” says—he and his pal Paulie live in the plot lines of old movies. A mystery unfolds in the weary old town of WillowPoint where Under and Paulie deliver the tight dialogue to a string of unsettling discoveries. While the mystery involves teenagers, heroin, and dead bodies, more than that—who can Under trust? Can he even trust his best friend Paulie, the copper who brought him into the case? Of course there’s also a broad in the picture—the lovely Maggie. And Maggie and the other characters are as important to the story as the plot. After all, they’re the ones who line up the shots while the jazz plays in the background. As Under would say, “Hey, kid, take a look—it’s the money shot.”

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