At the Hairdressers — Gely Korzhev — Biblioklept

At the Hairdressers, by Gely Korzhev (1925-2012)

via At the Hairdressers — Gely Korzhev — Biblioklept

I wonder what it is that this appeals to. Why do I like it, wish I had it in full colored explosion on a wall here? I can say I like it because it’s unexpected, but many things are unexpected. And weird is enticing. Is weird enticing in a work of art because it’s safe? It can’t reach out and grab me. Yet it might. Is it the same thrill as being frightened? But there are many weird pieces that appeal and are not frightening. Sure I can go on about the detail: the use of color, the build of the flesh, the capture of form. It’s more than that thought. It’s the nothing that’s in between the execution and the method, the subject and the form.

Still, words. Just words. I don’t know why, but I like it.


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