The Bath and The Reader


Posted by Thinking Minds 

How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company. — with Louise Menta

I’m thinking this is a photo created from the book: The Reader, which I believe was also made into a movie. If it isn’t from that, it certainly captures the intent. I’ve tried bathing and reading myself, when I had a large and deep soaking tub. It had one of those wonderful containers that goes side to side across the tub, so that bath needements could be held therein. I propped a book there, filled the tub with lovely bubble bath, and got a glass of red wine in a crystal wine glass.

I got water splashed on the book, kept sliding down into the tub, and the water turned cold, quickly. And I’ll never know if this is a skill that should be practiced or if the magazine photos are pure propaganda. Nonetheless, the photo is exquisite.

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