Nooks of Love

Sometimes when feeling a little bit down, a picture can cheer us up. I think it’s something akin to hope. My reasoning is thus: I want something and cannot have it. Yet there it is, all fresh and creative and someone has it. That that someone has it means it can be had. Yes?


Shuffle Sketch

And here it is, the object of a day’s passion. How lovely. I can see myself there, all snuggled up and dreaming. Interesting how it needs all of the things within in order to be what it is. Take away anything as in the candles and it feels empty. Take away the lights and ‘oh no! how will I read?’ The completion comes from the parts, the parts make the whole. This particular whole is not cause for envy, but joy.

How rich we are in the things we behold.

The Bath and The Reader


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How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company. — with Louise Menta

I’m thinking this is a photo created from the book: The Reader, which I believe was also made into a movie. If it isn’t from that, it certainly captures the intent. I’ve tried bathing and reading myself, when I had a large and deep soaking tub. It had one of those wonderful containers that goes side to side across the tub, so that bath needements could be held therein. I propped a book there, filled the tub with lovely bubble bath, and got a glass of red wine in a crystal wine glass.

I got water splashed on the book, kept sliding down into the tub, and the water turned cold, quickly. And I’ll never know if this is a skill that should be practiced or if the magazine photos are pure propaganda. Nonetheless, the photo is exquisite.

Rain Blessings


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Imagine sleeping in that bed of windows and rain. Reading maybe. Dozing and dreaming.

Sometimes rain is the sweetest gift we can have of a day.

And sometimes we don’t know why we didn’t bring our umbrella.

Yet remember the days when we asked if we could go out and splash through the running water flooding the street gutters?

Was that when our worlds were small and long ago?

Or was it a different neighborhood?