From Notes While Reading & Talking & Eating

He left over and over. Kept leaving, trying on I think, the best tirade, the most emphatic, searching the core, the very essence of leaving. He did that. Yes. Over and over.
I finally left.

I know that I could completely transform my life if only I could live by water.

Trope and meme should be nominated “words for the 21st century.”

Isn’t it annoying when the star of a series is continuously discounted when in all of the previous episodes she’d been right? Just saying.

The One true story of the Myth of The Fall:
It was a grapefruit tree, not an apple tree, nor a pomegranate one. The reason is thus: having eaten of the grapefruit Adam said, Yuck! This is the worst fruit I’ve ever eaten. It is sour. What is this doing in Eden? Eve thus inspired went in search of sugar cane which she was soon to find, being picked in the horror of slaves and migrant workers who could not speak the language of Eden. To therefor sweeten his life and bring Joy to him, she return to Adam and gave it to him thusly: Use this for your Grapefruit and thereafter call it the Gratefruit as it will be sweet and forever palatable by disguising the sourness of life and the fact that a Heaven forever does become a Hell. And so, being easily led and owning a tendency to blame, Adam ate of the sugar from the sugarcane that was to sweeten his Grapefruit. It was thus that he and all of humankind were cast out of Eden (Story sound familiar? Do we know of anyone else being kicked out?) and forever were to be cursed with the black mark of Original Sin, having eaten thereof the Tree of Knowledge of Sugar and being the burden of all things Evil to man. Eve was cursed with the letter T (another myth dispelled—note the play on “spelled”) as a symbol of Temptress, forwhich she—as woman—would forever be branded and mocked for all Eternity. When all she was doing was attempting (tempt?) to please her man by bringing sweetness into his life. (For which she was created, remember?)

This underscores the Heart of the Matter for the whole issue of Responsibility and Free Will and Sin and All Such Things: Having been made by God to be Curious and Psychologically unsound and Rebellious, can mankind then be held responsible? Given 1.) a fair and just God, 2.) a test of obedience, and, 3.) a God-given test, and 4.) the so-named Adam and Eve, knowing everything at the point before Sugar, are fully aware of the consequences and that God will see everything, and 5.) an act of Free Will is undertaken. (By both Eve and Adam, thus eradicating the need for Temptor (Eve) and Victom (Adam) ) And, And, nonetheless allowing that the Evil Deed cannot be transmitted by Eve alone, but can only be Ancestored Sin from Adam. Thus in turn setting free patriarchally descendent patrimony.

Side Question: Is there a single book in the bible written by a woman?

On Friday
at the Three Musketeers where Shirley & I stopped to wait & eat while the dog was being groomed, a man in a Robin Hood hat with a very long feather walked by. He stopped at our booth. He greeted us as goddesses and mother-goddesses. He said to me, I love your glasses. I can see the light shining through them. And I like your hat, I quickly replied. He doffed his hat, gave a deep flourishing bow, and moved on. I thought it was beautiful, magical, and a blessing. Shirley made a face of disgust. This is why I love her. It was a very wonderful day, that day on Friday when we took the dog for her grooming. I lost my glasses and Shirley found them. We contemplated the Dogwood Tree for Mumzie.  Shirley was clever and funny. She was very tired and thinks that her Sister will now love her forever. It is sad to know that that will not happen. Right now the sister’s whole family has filled Shirley’s home.

S also said that the reason my book isn’t selling is because of the title. She maintains that no one likes Fat. Who wants to buy something about Fat? That and I don’t do the marketing which should be done.  She’s right, I don’t market. Not much anyway. My bad. She made me leave a business card in the booth. She also said that the story was dark. Oh dear. I didn’t think it was dark at all so now that will be a question for friends of the book.


Business Card front & back


Book Cover

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