The ‘Ole Home Town


Bob Good Photo Studios

Feeling very nostalgic lately. What do I mean, lately? Seems I’m always longing for a  time that was, and the magic of childhood. And it doesn’t have to be mine. Mine, my kids, my parents (from their old photos). And that place of the Spirit, feeling Hiraeth.

{Hiraeth is a wonderful, multilayered word meaning a longing to be where your spirit lives. The place where your spirit feels most at home may be a physical location that you can return to at any time, or it may  be more nostalgic of a home, not attached to a place, but a time from the past that you can only return to by revisiting old memories.}

This is a shot taken on the now bike trail that goes from La Crosse to Holmen. It used to be railroad tracks—the old Chicago And North Western railroad line. We were warned so very seriously not to play on the tracks. The big threat was the invisible & unheard train that would suddenly appear and mow you down. That and the “don’t go down to the river!” Both were of course exactly what we would do. The train tracks really gave a thrill when they were enclosed by a bridge or tunnel, where there was no escape. We stared down death at every chance.

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