Meanwhile, In Finland II

 has just published an article for Paris Review about the resurgence of Finland, in of all things, literature. Furthermore, by Branding. Calling attention to oneself is just not something the Nordic adventurers do. In most of those cultures there’s even a word for it. In Sweden it’s lagom, in Norwegian it’s janteloven. But then, witness the Swedish break with tradition that put itself on the world stage with IKEA, H&M, Spotify, Skype, Absolut Vodka, ABBA, Stieg Larsson, etc.

Not one to sneeze at success, and reestablishing itself as a literary being, yet more so as a feminist literary happening, we have FINNISH WRITERS JOHANNA SINISALO, SOFI OKSANEN, AND LAURA LINDSTEDT.


I was going to write a bit more in this post, mostly about the authors but such a distraction were the book titles! If I’m ever to get this posted I’ll need to stop. Just note that I’ve got a few of the books in my cart. More on this later.

Picking up the post, or part two, the next day:

For one, Oksanen is cool. She has been described by the Finnish press as a feminist goth. But it doesn’t stop there. She writes well. That’s the best you can say about an author. She has been cut from a different cloth however. She doesn’t just write, write well, and often, she promotes. Her self marketing has paid off: she was one of the first Finnish authors to sign with an international literary agent. in France alone, Purge sold more than one hundred seventy thousand copies.

Apparently the most intriguing thing about the Finnish uprising is the uniqueness of the writing. For example, Johanna Sinisalo’s The Core of the Sun presents a new human subspecies of submissive women for sex and procreation while undertaking the capture and sterilization of those women unwanted for reproduction: the intelligent, the independent, the outliers. The government does not want the type of citizen they might produce.

Book covers have been copied from Amazon pages



I’m in the process of deciding which books/authors I’ll start out with. And I haven’t even gotten to LAURA LINDSTEDT yet.


By the way, my annotated copy of The Big Sleep is on the way. Oh what joy to be watching for the mailman, a child again in anticipation!

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