Art To Embarrass


Toulouse-Lautrec, Henride

‘Divan Japonais’ by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1892-1893)

Now my head is hanging so low it could be touching the ground. For Heaven’s Sake! This is the danger of Art exploration amongst the masses, I as a prime example.

I have liked Art Nouveau. I just didn’t know it was that. I had this in a wallpaper design in a house I once owned. Who knows what period I thought it was. Or at least what art period I was in. And did I tell you about the Toulouse-Lautrec fiasco? More to blush and cringe about.

As I looked for Art books about our dear Henri, I searched and searched to no avail. I knew I liked his work, I knew he was popular, and I knew he should be amongst the books in the Art section of a store. Nothing. Other stores, other searches, nothing. I had a sense that something was wrong, and that it had to do with me. Indeed. When at last I stumbled upon the art books I wanted, I discovered that Toulouse was not his first name, but part of a hyphenated last name.

And so, the dangers and victories of self-education. No matter how many years it takes.

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