Catching Up…

…Again, One More Time


Bob Blair—Streetsborough Nature Preserve

A sweet and peaceful pathway through the wood. And see, how lovely glows the light.

So much, so little, such is time. A friend came to rescue me as apparently I had gone a wee bit delirious with fever. Short story:  emergency, hospital & treatment, home again. Home just soon enough to watch the Packers tie (tie? yes, tie 29-29) and the Browns tied last week and took a win on Thursday night football. Indeed, it must be the end of time. End times upon us.

I’m still not 100% but close enough—enough to know that there is a settling in of self, only noticeable when distanced from same. And now for the catching up of writing en media res and photos with notes, and thoughts beginning to scramble through once again. Rather like tossing a football about when sleep not only eludes but tires the soul.

And autumn and hikes and cool sweet days must surely lie ahead.



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