And Then There’s This…


GB Packers 247 Sports

It was a lousy game, but still. If anyone watched the McCarthy interview after the game (17—31 Redskins) you could tell he was seething. He was asked questions about the call (ref’s) and he said he couldn’t comment, that it was up to the NFL, the league, to decide what they were going to do. [That in reference to the new quarterback penalty rule and how to make calls on it.] He did add, however, that he was not going to be talking to Clay about the penalty as he did nothing to be penalized for. Interesting also how one commenter said obviously referees know nothing about physics. He’d like to see them stop any better than Clay did after running full tilt at anything.

Isn’t there something about an object in motion tending to stay in motion?

And as the mice say: That’s the wayyyyyy things are.

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