Some Days

Some days are easier than others. No doubt. And I’m quite going through a recovery from the Kavanaugh hearings. I had no intention of watching that, but ended up with a group and that was the point, or pointlessness, of the gathering. Had I known I doubt that I would have gone. But I did.


Tao & Zen

It was disheartening and puzzling and once again confirms that which we already know: people see what they want to see. Opinions are not changed by the facts. The facts are changed to fit the opinions.

The support or anger toward Brett Kavanaugh was only reinforced by his behavior and speeches.

Appalled by his attack on questioners?  Another person shouts hoorah, about time he stood up for himself.  Frustrated by his evasions of direct questions and his continual reversions to “I am innocent”? Someone else is just as sympathetic for him and his family, being so persecuted, their lives are in ruins. Because he’s innocent.

Memories become movies edited for the audience. Recall from a speech given only the day before can be reassigned to a different participant, depending upon the desired effect, of course.

And on and on. And so it goes. And once again from the mice, that’s the wayyyyyy things are. Some days, anyway. I hope not all of them.


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