I bought some Irish soda bread, a delight by any name. And I don’t understand why it isn’t made year round. Maybe it is in Ireland but then you’d have to go there. I got the bread at the bakery located just before the supermarket I go to. Much closer.

[drafted days ago]


So. From there I filled the whole page and more with notes on how that day had gone and a few previous days. And then, because of overfilled histories on the computer, I lost it and a few too many other things. Because I tend to leave several pages/tabs open at once. And then I couldn’t clear the histories but one data bit at a time. Too much. Then I found out how (yay Google!) to clear all and also opened new browsers. Problem? Yep. I then and now don’t have addresses, passwords, and needed info. It’s going to take me a few to put everything back in place.*sigh* My world is faulty.

While I gather my wits (assuming there are any left) I’m posting this. See you later…

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