Things are working! Well, no, not quite. My inside habitat seems to be working OK, but the outside, (e.g. vehicle) not so much. Battery again. Road service has been requested. Appointments cancelled. *sigh*


Rebel Without A Cause (Movie)

So. Apropos of nothing, here’s Jimmy Dean. I post this here as I was told yesterday or the day before, that it was his birthday. It was not. He was born February 8, 1931. He died on September 30, 1955.


He was a promising star and an acknowledged actor. He died in a car crash, while he was driving, that took his young life. He is still honored and worshiped by many. The autopsy report is apparently locked up in the county where he died. Some people still question the truth of what was reported to the media, and what might be located in the report. The report (or a copy of) may be checked out, so whatever is contained is not truly hidden. In any case, a sad story and an unhappy end.

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