This —or— That

I have always sworn to myself that I would stay away from politics here. Not because I don’t want to be controversial, but because I get so passionate and Crazed. Panicked sometimes. But I’m thinking that a spot or two here or there, a post of this or that—without taking on the full complement—might be sustainable. We’ll see. And here’s my first go.


Osnos-JoeBiden—posted in The New Yorker

Most commentators are pretty focused on the same things, starting with Biden being the only one (of declared candidates running in 2020) who seems willing to take on Trump. This is usually posited as a good thing.

I tend to agree, though I do wonder that Biden might be making the same mistake Clinton made in focusing on Trump’s perceived-as-horrible aspects, and is basically running campaign ads for him. With Biden’s campaign video of “the fight for the soul of America,” he is saying choose “this or that” with the assumption most of America will like “this.”  Biden said, “If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. Who we are.” Well maybe, as America said before, it IS what we want, and the video is encouragement to vote for Trump—and the fundamental alteration of the character of this nation.

On the other hand—because there always is one—it is a direct volley across the bow of the expected Trump campaign and the composition of his base. Maybe some of his followers—and certainly the Democrats and Independents of this nation—do not want “that.”

At least Biden has made it clear. And it is either this or that.


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