A Horde Of Books

Today’s the day. I have two huge bags filled with books and they are going to the half-priced book store. I’m hoping to have some purchased from me. Of course there is always the danger of buying more to take home. Fingers crossed.

Paperbacks Plus Bookstore

Both photos posted by Bibliotech.

This poster has a comment to savor. And that may be part of the many reasons there are to gather books. Those that time graduates into a problem.

As I will be getting new tile and wood floors, I really do need, quite must, make things easier. And I do, really, want to simplify, downsize. Make clean and simple. And it will sparkle with white (off white, streaked) floors. Not only must some furniture depart, but the hoard of books must be trimmed.

This means to stop returning to those books scheduled for departure. I put the stacks together, then go through them again and pull many out. This goes on for days. I wonder how I could have possibly decided to put certain ones into a pile for removal. What indeed was I thinking?

Lord. I was thinking about Clean and Simple. Fresh and Open. Light and Easy. The saints of modern living. There ought to be a prayer for the strength to at least keep books in the departure stacks.

And today’s the day 100 or so are going away. They are in the car. I am driving to the book store. Dear Saint [*insert appropriate saint name*] please let me get them into the store and sold. Please. I’ll be good for the rest of my life if only I am granted this one petition. I promise.

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