Beyond Dystopia—unedited flurry

I wonder how we got here. I’m not talking about the primordial ooze out of which our consciousness was spit to eventually become the seed in some body, random, chosen, placed (choose your religious belief) and then awakened in the brain or body or both—slowly for the most part because who could stand the sudden shock of it all at once—into this something we call our self.

Truth Theory

According to some experts in the field, we are just a decade away from this type of technology reaching the public.

I stuck my head out to find this. This. This is where we are today. In addition there was an article about human brain cells being placed in pig embryos. It left me with a momentary shudder.  I controlled  my reaction, thinking this could not possibly be used for any true purpose. In what fashion? Why? Why on earth would we have this need? I still don’t know, but I’m not sure that it matters.
My conclusion: We deserve to be destroyed by the planet.

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