And So…

I got married on this date once. It was a long time ago. So was the divorce.

In honor of the lack-of festivities, I like to make a festival of sorts. Here is a list of other things what puzzle me.

  • The crazies or crazy-making within a TV show or movie.

no credit given

When people throw-up because they Never brush their teeth or even rinse their mouth afterward. And they usually kiss someone soon after. *Yuck*

And the vomiting is usually for a pathetic reason. Some truth revealed about the not-father previously unknown—vomit. Look at some photos—vomit. Someone dies—vomit. Someone gets sick—vomit. Someone runs over someone—vomit. Someone gets bad news—vomit. And it goes on—ad nauseam.

Then there is the case of the open-car-door. More accurately—the car door left open. Guy stops at a house to kill another guy—leave it open. Girl goes in to see a dying relative—leave it open. Someone is just excited—leave it open. AND they never return to a previously-open car door. Someone has closed it while we were watching something else. Or I wait for several scenes to see if anyone will close the car door, or brush their teeth. They don’t.

Then there are less frequent crimes of incongruity but annoying nonetheless. There is the meal. The meal preparation is interrupted and everyone has to leave. They leave and no one puts anything away. Nothing. I wait and watch for someone to go back in the house and at least cover the mayonnaise, but no…

There is the opened can that is left on the counter right next to the pot it was going in before the gunshot interrupted our hero. This usually takes place in a cabin up north and it’s frequently snowing. I wait for the whole of the rest of the film to see what happens to that can of beans.

All this meal-time stuff and no one ever eats. The table gets set, but nothing makes it to the plates. Sometimes it gets there and they push the food around, but rarely does a fork make it to the mouth. (If it does, I have to count the times.) Especially the very thin women—they are not going to eat. You will not see it. Maybe a strawberry now and again so we don’t encourage the kids to be anorexic.


Tao and Zen

  • The Kentucky Derby. I don’t get it but I get it. I don’t actually want to talk about that either.

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