A good pal of mine and I talk about things metaphysical, philosophical, the world (sometimes with horror), and such things as makes us think. Also Football of course. Once, a long time ago, we began talking about the World-As-One.

The thing that’s wrong with that image is that it takes place in the physical body, rather than in the consciousness. That’s true, yet difficult to get the mind around, or to form an agreement. If we picture our thoughts combined with others to create the mind at large, or all thoughts to create one whole consciousness, it’s far easier to contemplate. This, it seems to me, captures the concept.


Now I can see how my thoughts, negative or positive affect the whole. It’s such a good reminder too, that it might be worth my while to think in affirmatives. Even if it’s much more difficult, especially with the world as it is right now. But that’s exactly the point isn’t it.

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