And Then Again…

…there is today. Today with all of Virus Panic and Synchronicities and The Recall of Dreams. Yes, Today. With all we have.

So folks call me to tell me that there have been cases of the virus discovered right here in my county. As if I could do anything about it anyway. Or would if I could. And my dreams march on, with the sweet reconnections that they contain. The other night, as I was wallowing in Joy with my mother and father and knowing of that Other World, my son called out, off to the right, and almost background, “Hey, what about me! Where am I in all this!” And yes, of course and with an even greater Joy, I brought him in.

And then today there was a notice that an old love, one from high school, had died. He whom we (a friend and I) had just spoken of, and how she and his brother had chatted about me just a Sunday ago. Gone now. Along with those days and their sorrows and delights, their new-found pleasures. Those days.

And then my daughter called and I reminded her of the mantra: When in doubt, snuff her out. A fitting and most egregious attitude which I embrace with whole and full heart, with the knowledge that none of it matters. That no one knows who we truly are, or what if any is our purpose. Why should we, of all the creatures on earth, matter?

And So It Goes, my loves, So It Goes.

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