Glory Be To God

For Golden Dappled things…


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Do you wonder sometimes where Blessings, where Grace comes from? It seems the sunlight on places, on water, on the grass that has grown over the Time of what had been planted, the sunlight on the building that had been born unto Adoration—That Sunlight upon us will send us to tears. If that is not Grace, then what is?

we were all part of it once


This abandoned church has been left mostly unharmed; its place is held secret so that others do not come to damage it. We must secure those things we love today behind closed doors, in secret hiding places. To keep the dream from the nightmare. What is America these days I so often wonder? We look to Europe and see standing the buildings from centuries ago, kept alive and secure. Not so the cemeteries of our youth, those places where grottos and statues and stations of the cross lived and spoke. Once. Now no more. Can there be a future? Can there be a future when there is no past?


It seems to me that we discard those most precious things of our culture and history. So many beautiful churches are being demolished, abandoned, violated. We leave such beauty to be ravished by nature or the hands of man. We don’t seem to treasure much in America. I always puzzle at that lack of regard for our own history and those monuments to faith and art. I never find redeeming answers. I’m only left with sadness.

485_15678_8257276Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Photograph by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America