Glory Be To God

For Golden Dappled things…


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Do you wonder sometimes where Blessings, where Grace comes from? It seems the sunlight on places, on water, on the grass that has grown over the Time of what had been planted, the sunlight on the building that had been born unto Adoration—That Sunlight upon us will send us to tears. If that is not Grace, then what is?

Wet Dog=Happy Dog

IMG_1877This is an old photo of the current love—Tula. (Of course that’s only one name of many—a shortened form of Talulah.) This is in Colorado where we played in the Manitou stream. Alone or with others, sometimes many others. Where she first met moving water. And became a child of the creek.

We don’t get many chances to do something like that here. But there is a place—Bow-Wow Lake—where dogs can swim and play. And that’s where we’re going today. It’s been too many, many days where she has gone without a swim.

So today she’ll get the joy of the lake and I’ll get the joy of watching her. Double blessed.