Mississippi Slough

I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
with closed eyes
to dash against darkness

-e.e. cummings

This photo is an almost exact rendition of the Mississippi slough where my first love kept his skiff, a hunting and fishing skiff. It was one of the first places we went together and we spent many days on the Mississippi, swimming, fishing, boating. It’s where our families gathered in boathouses for meals and drank not a few beers. (The river is a natural coolant in summer.) Our dogs ran on those beaches, our children learned to swim against the current, and we learned together how to launch our boats. The best of days—river born.

Bow Wow Lake


So the kid and I went to Bow Wow Lake for a romp and a swim. We had a fine time there and I earned back my Good Mum status. She is like the little kids whose lips turn blue and they stand shivering with arms crossed, insisting that they aren’t cold, aren’t tired, and certainly haven’t had enough time swimming. She would swim after a toy for hours and insist on just one more throw.


Tula returning the kong

Here she is, returning the toy for the hundredth time at least. I think it’s curious how dogs aren’t interested in just swimming as we humans do. Dogs need a purpose for the swim that they love.


And then, on a not so side note, I spent hours, days, trying to bring the iPhone photos in “My Photos” into WordPress.  It was an easy thing, a simple thing. It only took an “Export Photo” under File to do it. Snap.

Sometimes my penchant for not reading instructions or trying the obvious—you know, that thing where you slow down and read—sometimes that is not at all entertaining.

Wet Dog=Happy Dog

IMG_1877This is an old photo of the current love—Tula. (Of course that’s only one name of many—a shortened form of Talulah.) This is in Colorado where we played in the Manitou stream. Alone or with others, sometimes many others. Where she first met moving water. And became a child of the creek.

We don’t get many chances to do something like that here. But there is a place—Bow-Wow Lake—where dogs can swim and play. And that’s where we’re going today. It’s been too many, many days where she has gone without a swim.

So today she’ll get the joy of the lake and I’ll get the joy of watching her. Double blessed.