Dem Bones 2—Status Close to Quo—

Improvement comes in great leaps. It does however leave behind some swellings of pride. My right leg is now only 1/2 again as large as it should be. The left leg swelled in sympathy and I don’t understand why. I’ll ask when next I see the doctor. I expect it is somehow related to the anesthesia. It never swelled as much as the right, which of itself was a tree trunk. I don’t know why I didn’t take some photos of the progression, but I seemed occupied with other things. And don’t you like the can-can leggings? Support stockings in only one color and set. *sigh*

In terms of progress—quite fine. I’m walking totally alone (without cane, etc.) and am able to carry things, move items, quite normal enough to forget the wound.




The Dog of Dreams


Amazing World

For some reason I find this photo deeply unsettling.

I was going to practice the great virtue of patience with a consistent knee-recovery regime. The one that begins with exercise and ends with restorative rests and pain meds where appropriate (always).  I’ve done quite well so far, at least as this has included writing & notes & reading. And then this. I ran across this photo.

I find it deeply unsettling.

Is this a result of the pain medicine? We have to ask. This photo looks like a person in the body of a dog, or perhaps the other way around. What is this? Person or dog? Dog or person? Hallucinogen if it were not for the fact that it can be seen at any time and with coming or going.

It’s just not right. It’s off somehow. And the article said not a word of this phenomena thus making more of the pause for the beyond of bizarre.

Those all-too-human eyes are not piercing or mean, not even intrusive. But they do not belong to that creature with such understanding, knowing. You want an explanation.

It seems I have to do something about this but what? It doesn’t belong here, but where? Another planet? Will it speak?

It’s too unsettling. It cannot possibly be related to bones. (!) Or heeling (stet). I’ll go back to sofa dreams and leave the thinking for others. And even at that, de ja vu has moved in. Of course. A pillow for my head.


The Dry Bones

On February 19, of this year in 2018, the official statement shall read: Had full knee replacement of the right knee. I find this incredibly fascinating. To think that another human being (along with some assistants) put something into the flesh and bone of another human being that will function better than the one being replaced. Imagine. Replacing joints. Replacing body parts.

It dawned on me after the fact, that I should have requested my replaced bones. I foresee that as being a bit of a problem but I’m willing to argue my way through. I’m planning this in advance as I know the left knee will also need replacing.

So. I offer this note and those to follow as a placeholder and explanation for rather abrupt and elongated silence of mine. I might have commented in advance but was uncertain of how much I should want to share. I’m sharing.