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IMG_1036I had threatened to purchase this and of course did. I like the outlier things—to wear, to read, to view. As if this is any surprise by now. And I am enjoying the book tremendously. It’s one of those which leads the reader down all sorts of rabbit holes. Terence McKenna is a favorite for Lin to follow, describe, and quote from. I feel I should have known about or read some of McKenna’s stuff. Some of the stories about him seem so familiar. And I’ve read some Kathleen Harrison, whom he wed in 1976. They all did psilocybin, DMT, magic mushrooms. When tripping the emphasis is on the encounters with strange creatures who live in the higher planes.

The creatures: tykes, fairies, self-articulating sentences, translinguistic elves, friendly fractal entities, elf legions of hyperspace, meme traders, art collectors, and syntactical homunculi. I have italicized the particular descriptors which I favor. Lin describes his higher beings as faceless, bodiless, genderless abstractions. The trippers all emphasize that these beings are so very much brighter than humans, are much more advanced, and are fully aware of us though we, in everyday reality, are unaware of them.

I’ll continue reading as I’m not through the book yet, and the marginalia continues to grow. (Slowing the process.) This book is not for everybody, thought the title should clarify for any prospective reader. For me, this is a book I’ll read again.

The next beauty on the dock is penguinRandomHousefrom our old pal Raymond Chandler. Penguin Random House had released this proposed gem.  

The first edition of The Big Sleep was released in 1939 and soon became acknowledged as a masterpiece of noir. The Big Sleep helped to define a genre. Today it is celebrated and remains one of the most revered stylish novels of the twentieth century. The class A writing and characters have made this novel a champion of the genre novel as literary fiction. While some continue to battle the genre uniform as a sub species, others are willing to display it in literary fiction.

I already have it in my cart. Arriving soon!


US and Drugs


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(ANTIMEDIA) — A groundbreaking new study shows that magic mushrooms may actually be an effective treatment for people with depression. Researchers from Imperial College London found that patients taking psilocybin, the psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms, showed reduced symptoms weeks after treatment following a “reset” of their brains.

It always makes me wonder when this country will ever make peace with drugs and drug culture in order to actually use drugs for good purposes. In reality I don’t expect that to happen. As a country we are quite juvenile—we’ve never quite grown up. Moderation and facts are not things we are partial to. That and the patriarchal society of government. Big Daddy. The “kids” can’t be allowed to have such things available. The fear is that the whole country would end up in one mad orgy of drugs. Not just the factions that have them now. Unregulated in the underground.

The greatest success marker for illegal drugs: Drug Kingpins. By keeping drugs illegal—natural or manufactured—we keep the drug cartels in business.

This reminds me of R.D. Laing, psychiatrist, and his experiments. He worked with and studied psychosis. He had great success with LSD and psychotics, especially schizophrenia. This was back in the 1970s and 80s. His was a radical approach and went against the popular thinking of the day. (No surprise there.) I believe a few in the field today have begun to look at the possibility of natural drugs in the treatment of mental illness. Some progress has been reported. But Laing did more than just use drugs. He worked with the patients as partners. He listened to them, communicated with them. What were they trying to communicate? What or who were they communicating with?

Ah yes, let’s open The Doors of Perception.

The Dog of Dreams


Amazing World

For some reason I find this photo deeply unsettling.

I was going to practice the great virtue of patience with a consistent knee-recovery regime. The one that begins with exercise and ends with restorative rests and pain meds where appropriate (always).  I’ve done quite well so far, at least as this has included writing & notes & reading. And then this. I ran across this photo.

I find it deeply unsettling.

Is this a result of the pain medicine? We have to ask. This photo looks like a person in the body of a dog, or perhaps the other way around. What is this? Person or dog? Dog or person? Hallucinogen if it were not for the fact that it can be seen at any time and with coming or going.

It’s just not right. It’s off somehow. And the article said not a word of this phenomena thus making more of the pause for the beyond of bizarre.

Those all-too-human eyes are not piercing or mean, not even intrusive. But they do not belong to that creature with such understanding, knowing. You want an explanation.

It seems I have to do something about this but what? It doesn’t belong here, but where? Another planet? Will it speak?

It’s too unsettling. It cannot possibly be related to bones. (!) Or heeling (stet). I’ll go back to sofa dreams and leave the thinking for others. And even at that, de ja vu has moved in. Of course. A pillow for my head.