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Of cats and literacy

At last I looked up ineffable and found it to be not at all what I had made-up for meaning. When I was much younger I was also much lazier. I also read books ahead of my abilities. Or some of them at least. Meaning became context coupled with then-current knowledge, not learning. (Although there were many areas of learning, of course.) There also was no omnipresence of computers. I used the library and dreamed of one day owning the OED. Within that labyrinth of childhood I thought ineffable meant inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable. It doesn’t. It means something much better in that it is: too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. Not only better but much more usable, yes?

I spent the morning looking at cat rescue places with cat photos. I found I only favored those cats which looked like Squeek. Perhaps I am not ready. Besides, did I not say I would not get another cat? I believe I did. Did anyone hear me? Besides 2, did I not say cats scratch furniture? Zeus, not Squeek. Did I not say that some cats pee outside of litter boxes? Squeek, not Zeus.  What about a pet rat? I ask myself. They are not long lived, I say. Let’s not line up the heartbreaks.

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So I shall take myself off to the cafe where I look like this woman only with a book and a moleskine on the table.




In The Wild

Clouded leopards are from the cloud forests of Southeast Asia and are one of the most ancient of cat species. But they are neither a true great cat nor a true small cat, because they can’t roar or purr.


History Daily

I worry about things like this as I don’t know how to find an answer. The question is this: How do such creatures then communicate with one another? I don’t mean face to face, body language will then work. But distances? How does one cat call out to another? Do they make any noise? Do they let out a loud piercing scream from great distances? This information is so incomplete.

I’m off now to do some google work that will likely get me lost and cost the whole day. But I do want to know more about this beautiful creature.

By the way, perhaps it is our definitions that are lacking if this is not a true cat? Maybe that should be revised. Sure looks like a cat to me!