Spring = Flowers

Flowers and pots and dirt, Oh My! And it’s off to the plant place we go. And about time, I say. So now with the new photo flash drive I’ll be able to easily and quickly move and backup photos on my Android. At least we’ll give it a bloody go, yes?

But of course this brings memories along with it. Memories with flowers and places and people. As indeed the trail of flower roots through out the years.

From Manitou—a touch, just a plant sampling from the upper courtyard:


Manitou Courtyard

My return should bring a flowering of blooms—which shall be published, assuming the new browser and flash drive and computer all cooperate!


Saying Good Night

This photo of such beautiful flowers makes it so the scent comes through the lens. Purple is the color of royalty. Think of the purple  robes adorned with the leopard and ermine. artisxticNatureI think of the scent of Purple and the window opened wide so I am surrounded by such loveliness. What better way to fall asleep. Good night and sweet dreams. (Dreams maybe of fairies or an inspiration to flow out with creative dazzlement.

Is Enough Too Much?

When is there too much of something? Too many Flowers? Too much Music?


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Too much Joy? Too much Love? Too much Peace?

Can there ever be enough of something? I don’t know, I guess so. Maybe of some things. William Blake said we don’t know what enough is until we’ve had too much. But is that really the same thing as too large an amount? Aldous Huxley said we can’t have Heaven without Hell. That we need comparisons, or more accurately we need contrasts. Rather like we would not know a thing intimately or would get used to and therefor tire of something repetitious. I really don’t know.

The thought of this makes some of us want to make a list, a chart, a diagram of things to check against the possibility of there ever being too much of it. But is that too much?

Melting Tulip

Melting Tulip

Melting Tulip

So the melting tulip just withers and crawls into itself. Sad really. But and then, I’m not quitting. I’ll get a different flower(s) and will experiment that way. A fuller flower, with lots of pedals around it. Please note: No flower beds have been abused or destroyed in the making of these photos.