Days of Birth

TODAY is Hannah Arendt’s Birthday … tomorrow it’s Nietzsche and Foucault … seems to me that makes this weekend one for celebrating. I don’t think we have to agree with one or the other, or any philosopher, in order to appreciate what they have brought to civilization and society. philMat

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The first piece below is Fritz (Nietzsche) and the second is Mike (Foucault)




Is Enough Too Much?

When is there too much of something? Too many Flowers? Too much Music?


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Too much Joy? Too much Love? Too much Peace?

Can there ever be enough of something? I don’t know, I guess so. Maybe of some things. William Blake said we don’t know what enough is until we’ve had too much. But is that really the same thing as too large an amount? Aldous Huxley said we can’t have Heaven without Hell. That we need comparisons, or more accurately we need contrasts. Rather like we would not know a thing intimately or would get used to and therefor tire of something repetitious. I really don’t know.

The thought of this makes some of us want to make a list, a chart, a diagram of things to check against the possibility of there ever being too much of it. But is that too much?

Happy Birthday (a bit belated)

And lots of Yea’s! to ‘ole Soren. What a man. As a child I fell in love with him, in truth more with the picture than the self of him. He of the punk hairdo. And he was not as difficult to read


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and understand as many others in the philosophical land mine. (Probably the strongest appeal to me then.) And he was quick to paint pictures with quotable aphorisms. In fact, he and Nietzsche quite accurately duel for title as the most quotable of philosophers. Dueling aphorists we might say. And equally sure am I that neither would be interested in any award. Kirk died young at 42. He lived 5/5/1830 to 11/11/1855.

Fritz (Nietzsche) on the other hand, lived longer than Kirk, and his lifetime crossed over that of Kirk’s. Nietzsche lived 10/15/1844, to 8/25/1900, finishing out his ending years in the lunatic asylum. It’s he who said the often quoted, “If you stare into the abyss long enough the abyss will stare back.” Now it just dawned on me—that is the sad truth of exactly what happened to him.