Visiting La Crosse


Posted by Bob Good Studios

Bob titled this “And so it begins.” It strikes me that this photo is so vivid and stark as to make it appear as a painting. You will note St. Joseph Cathedral in the background, right, as a shadow. As if overlooking the whole downtown. And through the years it did indeed overlook the town.

When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard…


posted by Slice of Life on Facebook

…Bloomed. And so they did. Lilacs bloomed throughout the town, that same hometown. They grew in alleys and at the edges of yards, in the cemetery, and here and there. Then there was a here and there, when the town was less mannered. Before things got organized and groomed. On the way home from school I would pick the lilacs off the bushes, enough to make a bouquet for my mother. And it was all right.


Once Upon A Time

BobGoodPhtoStudBurnsParkAnother photo of my hometown, Burns Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin. At least that’s what it’s called now. I didn’t know that it had a name when we hung out there as high school kids. I doubt that today the kids can get by with the things we did there. No—no drugs. My time was that before the drug scene. Bob Good Photography Studio posted this on Facebook for us. The colors are so rare, so intense, it is as if they have been imagined.