Just Some Notes

As I move along……….      (And the knee and leg grow stronger.)


Bob Blair* Photography—Cuyahoga Valley Park

This is a photo of a Great Blue Heron. There’s a rookery in the Cuyahoga and the herons have come back. What a great photo of this guy profiled against the waining moon. Soon, soon I think, Tula and I will be walking through this place all agog with what is there. I become so enraptured that I forget to take photos myself. What a fine thought, that the weather and my knee and I all progress into the spring, and come awake and healed.

*Just corrected this credit from the La Crosse photographer to the Ohio/Cuyahoga Valley National Park photographer, Bob Blair.

Reflection & Syncronicity

I was reflecting on the old home town, and the photos arrived on Facebook. That is such a lovely gift from the Universe. (Although and until I’m sure that the waters did it—moving from one place to another as is its way.) The view below is of Riverside Park, where so often we went with parents and children and sometimes to eat a lunch and watch the river flow by. The view behind the eagle and the street lights is as the street moves up through the town.


Bob Good Photography—La Crosse, WI—Riverside Park


And below is the photo of the Mississippi with the La Crosse bridge in the background. With the bridge seen from this perspective you can see how the one-way pattern of each blends together to create a lovely picture. That effect cannot be captured when viewed directly with the traffic flow. The photo was taken from the back of a boat so that is the wake from the motor that we see curving out behind the boat, in front of the bridge. Another lovely merging of arcs. Viewed as a whole, it appears to form a circle. The river, the bridge, the sky.


Bob Good Photography—Mississippi River Bridge—La Crosse

Once Upon A Time

BobGoodPhtoStudBurnsParkAnother photo of my hometown, Burns Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin. At least that’s what it’s called now. I didn’t know that it had a name when we hung out there as high school kids. I doubt that today the kids can get by with the things we did there. No—no drugs. My time was that before the drug scene. Bob Good Photography Studio posted this on Facebook for us. The colors are so rare, so intense, it is as if they have been imagined.