Just Some Notes

As I move along……….      (And the knee and leg grow stronger.)


Bob Blair* Photography—Cuyahoga Valley Park

This is a photo of a Great Blue Heron. There’s a rookery in the Cuyahoga and the herons have come back. What a great photo of this guy profiled against the waining moon. Soon, soon I think, Tula and I will be walking through this place all agog with what is there. I become so enraptured that I forget to take photos myself. What a fine thought, that the weather and my knee and I all progress into the spring, and come awake and healed.

*Just corrected this credit from the La Crosse photographer to the Ohio/Cuyahoga Valley National Park photographer, Bob Blair.

The Heron


Cuyahoga Valley National Park shared Andrea Nagy‘s photo.

Yes, winter is in the air this morning. But so is love, Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles. Thanks to Andrea Nagy for sharing this lovely image. Go ahead…awwwww.

The heron. Such an incredible bird. We used to take a boat out on the river, the Mississippi, and go into one of the byways to search for rookeries. There you would find them, up high above, nesting and waiting. It always struck me as so incongruous that something so big, with legs so long and seemingly frail would nest above. It seemed they should nestle on the banks, into the mud and safety of fallen trees, broken branches. Even when you know what to expect, a surprise, up high above.