What It Takes

But then and who knows.

I went into the hospital toward the end of March. No biggie…the whole asthma/can’t breathe sort of thing. So I’m going to use that as that point forward. No significance with or to the hospital or breathing thing. Just a place to start. [As I type this I see that is untrue, indeed. The connection is obvious.]

Anyway, a benchmark. A bookmark. Going from there…

The kid went to Colorado for a surprise birthday party for Nick who turns 60. Two of the others, Randy and Peter, were also invited with their spouses. So, “Happy Easter” via thought waves. We don’t know about the other two: did they know and decline? (Nieces) Were they not invited?

I realize there was a time when I got little nudges that could have only come from a future knowledge. For example, when I sat down so that Keith would hand me the bunny, and he was so very precious and I was overwhelmed with such warmth and love. I had the thought: should you hold and pet the thing you will eat for dinner? Isn’t there an adult rule that you should not make a pet of something that is dinner?

Mother would periodically use German names as an expression of something unique. She could call someone a Dumbledorph. The foreign expression was easily understood. It was also understood that no other word would quite encompass the full meaning.

Holy Cows and such. I just saw where I put nothing up here in March. So I’m going to set this little jaunt free and work on some other things for here.

Did you know that Teilhard published nothing during his lifetime of his huge array of manuscripts? The Church would not allow it. As in the Catholic Church strikes again. For those who don’t know, Teilhard de Chardin is the priest darling of thinkers and plotters and puzzlers and such, one who combined science and philosophy. Probably in the left lane but who knows. I think Truth shouldn’t be put in a lane.

Just for fun, the above from Bright Side.