Stopping By

The Woods and Words Today. While we continue to wait for official election results. Covid 19-end days. The next turn around the corner.

Female Northern Flicker. Came upon this neglected shot I made a few years ago. I was alerted by a neighbor that the flickers were migrating through the area. Lying on my belly in my small blind (set up overnight on her property), I was able to capture a few shots of these beautiful ground feeders. Thanks Melissa Starbuck. And thank you, David Moynahan.

The Waiting Days

Just For Today

Psyche’s Call with Donna May: “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” ~Joseph Campbell

And the biggest problem, is it not, is knowing which path to take? To understand that sometimes the direction of the path, the adventure, has to be created by ourselves. Waiting for the magic billboard in the sky is a sad mistake that too many of us make. The months, the weeks, the years go by and standing at the side of the road takes its toll. Sometimes the teacher does not arrive. Sometimes the teacher is not recognized. Sometimes we needs must create our own path, come what may, but dig in!