A Note

At last I’ve changed the quote after the masthead of this blog. My initial intention was to change it on a regular basis. I never changed it. I don’t know, maybe I will now. I also tried to change my theme but could not. I couldn’t as I still prefer the one I have. So I changed the color. At least that’s something. And that’s about as wild as you’ll see on this Sunday when football made me sad. I’d like a real team. I’d like the Packers to be something again. They need to change their theme.

Time & Change

Posted by  Psyche’s Call with Donna May

“Everything grows old,
all beauty fades,
all heat cools,
all brightness dims,
and every truth becomes stale and trite.
For all these things have taken on shape,
and all shapes are worn thin by the working of time;
they age, sicken, crumble to dust —
unless they change.”
— C.G. Jung

And here we are again, peering as we do at the cost of time, the changes we meet, the deaths we mourn. So vain in our self-centered views we easily forget that we can hold on to nothing. Change calls out, “Ready or Not! Here I Come!” And that, as always, is the way things are.


Currents of Change

Mother’s Day ended up being a Mother’s Week, the few days of writing became a frenzy, and last night was an emergency. The emergency was a friend’s mother, and at least now she’s in the hospital and settled a bit. It is, my mother would say, the end game. (And she meant that in good spirit, applying it to herself as well as others.)

And we lost Tom Wolfe. Who had to die before anyone saw him in anything other than a white suit.



So we breathe, sit, and listen to wind chimes.

Now the catching of breath can be done in different ways, while still the anchor of grief tugs beneath the surface, breaking through the current of the river as we tow it beneath ourselves.



Zen Suchness


Ah, the zen of it. Wherein there seems to be a reflection on everything, if not an actual doing that works. If one applies it—the teaching, the spirit of it, the intention, and on into the practice. What we live, what we do with our intention—the meditating, the meta, and the works—all become our practice. And on with the flow of it. And, as is my own special way, the fall off the Path and the Practice. Distracted by life.

What needs be overcome? For me it is always Lazy. Lazy & lack of Discipline. Maybe they are the same? Finding this, the KAIZEN posted in Lion’s Roar struck a cord of harmony. This seems so easy to practice, how can I not? I like easy. So here we go:

Japanese Suchness—to overcome laziness & to cultivate discipline. Kaizen. One minute, same time everyday. Do same thing for one minute. Kai=change; zen=good.

That’s all, that’s it. One minute everyday. Pick the time and do something, even standing or sitting. Anything. It’s the discipline of same time, same thing. I for one am going to give it a try. I’ll stand for a minute every morning at the same time and watch my breath, in and out. Suchness.