A Note

At last I’ve changed the quote after the masthead of this blog. My initial intention was to change it on a regular basis. I never changed it. I don’t know, maybe I will now. I also tried to change my theme but could not. I couldn’t as I still prefer the one I have. So I changed the color. At least that’s something. And that’s about as wild as you’ll see on this Sunday when football made me sad. I’d like a real team. I’d like the Packers to be something again. They need to change their theme.

Game Day!

Green Bay at Detroit and so far not going well.


Jan. 8, 1994: #Packers win their first playoff game in 11 years on a scrambling, across-his-body 40-yard TD pass from Brett Favre to Sterling Sharpe in the final minute in Detroit.

That one went well. It doesn’t matter when, just so it does.

Oh God…

…another year. They just keep happening. (The Years)

Probably the most important news…dom…de…dom…dom…Dom! Yep. For real:

Dom Capers is out as Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator. According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, the Packers have fired Capers after the team’s 35-11 loss to the Detroit Lions at to end the 2017 season. Demovsky also said there will be more changes on the defensive coaching staff. Oh, and the GM will be replaced also.

This is all rather like a Peaky Blinders war with the Italians. And, appearing in the staring role as Tommy: Aaron Rodgers!

And then, from 2017, the total and sum (Yes, I know) was pretty much captured in these cartoons from Philosophy Matters: