Ed CrowleyTaoism; Lao Tzu and Wu Wei Group

Don’t ask me
about meditation
Ask me what
is not meditation
I sit anywhere
I meditate
I stand anywhere
I meditate
I walk anywhere
I meditate
Everything I do
is meditation
I simply follow
the Way

epc 1956-
Jiangyou Figure Hill
Temple Bridge

So this then is the meaning of “above all, don’t wobble”? And is this then the meaning of all the falls that I’ve taken lately, that I am not mindful, am not caring in my actions, small or large or ordinary?


posted by Assem Shaar J. Krishnamurti – Words of Wisdom

This is still a struggle for me. Though I do find that just thinking about it is a good meditation technique. Even tho Krishnamurti says to end techniques, that to just sit is the way. That’s tough too. Easier to count the breaths. Or to watch the in and out. And the Thinker? I know that thought created thinker, but it’s difficult to think of them as one.

And of course thinking itself is a nuisance.

Sweet Dreams, everyone.